Thursday, November 10, 2016


My mother brought me to this world after struggling for nearly 8 and half months. But the first person who held me was my Maasi, (my mother’s younger sister). The word Maasi (Maa jaisi) in Hindi quite literally means, “One who is like your mother.”  I obviously don’t remember my first day on this earth, but I have been told so much about it by my Aunts… Yes you got that right, plural, Aunts because they are twins.  So coming back to day 1, they say I had long black hair; I was looking at everything and everyone around, with my eyes wide open and wasn’t crying at all like a new born usually does.

My Aunts Manju Aunty and Premi Aunty, that’s what I call them fondly, are the best ever people I have met in my life. They have been the friends that have played with as a kid, loved unconditionally, pampered and spoilt rotten. There are a lot of memories that are associated with them. A lot of stories to tell. I cannot fathom my life without the two of them. Stories…. I wonder where do I even begin from, well I will start with Manju Aunty. I was four years old I guess, one fine summer afternoon, and sun shining bright outside. So me and my cousin Pinky, who was two then were supposed to be inside the house. But me being me wanted to go out and play (yes that’s right! Play in the scorching sun). So I was being stubborn and started throwing tantrums. She obviously had to be strict with me; I got punished for not obeying. My punishment was to stand against the wall and stare endlessly. I stood right there for hours as Manju Aunty forget to tell me let go. I must have stood there the whole day without complaining. Manju Aunty then realized she had forgotten that I was punished. I remember vaguely but she came upto me and hugged me tight. I have never been punished by her since then, infact I know I am still her favorite (Sorry Vicky, that’s the truth….). Aunts have a unique way of showing love, so she made a cabinet and painted it all by herself and put up stickers of all my favorite cartoon characters. My love towards her is such, that I still have the cabinet. 28 years and it is still going strong.

Nine year old, leader of the destructive gang. There were 7 of us playing in the playground, when we found some fire crackers. Well the leader of the gang ordered the others to bring the crackers to her (I am talking about me). We had to light it up, but how? So I told one of the boys to get match sticks from his place. In no time, we had a pack of match sticks, so now the only thing remained to do was to light up the fire cracker. Ofcourse I had never done that and little did I know what was in store for me. I lit it up and before I could know, it burst in my hand. I was severely injured. My right hand was burnt, so were my eyebrows and eyelashes. My Cousin sister Pinky, who was my partner in crime, practically saved me, pulling me by my hair. We ran in the house, was a Saturday afternoon, so Premi Aunty was home. She saw me and then my sister and before I could understand anything, she put my hand in the cold water. She actually saved my hand, the burns were pretty severe. I knew my Father was going to be really upset, so was he. But I was glad that my hand was still usable. Since Premi Aunty was in close proximity with me she could smell the gun powder for days on her. But I am sure she didn’t bother about any of it.

These are just the two stories I have shared here today, but the love I have been showered on with by the two of them cannot be compared to anything valuable in this world. The stories are never ending and so is my love for the two of you. Whatever little or enormous you both have done for me, I will never be able to repay, for I don’t know how to repay love. Today is your birthday and wish you guys grow younger by the day, because me, Pinky and Vicky need you for the longest time. Our lives wouldn’t have been so amazing if it wasn’t for the two of you. I am not rich enough to afford a flight tickets for the two of you, but I am wealthy enough to share my love and happiness with you. Happy Birthday gangsters!! I love you both to moon and back.


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I liked your story keep writing. Happy New Year 2017
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